Kaibab Paiute Pump Track – Pipe Springs, AZ

Project Details

Type: Modular Pump Track

Series: Lumberjack

Year: 2017

Size: 2916 SqFt

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Pipe Springs, AZ

Kaibab Paiute Pump Track – Pipe Springs, AZ

We always enjoy when we have the opportunity to work in smaller communities. The pump track in Pipe Springs was completed in 2017 for the Kaibab Paiute Tribe. Until that point, the tribe and its skaters and bikers had been working hard to gather funds for a skate park project of their own. Coming up with funds was proving difficult especially since costs would at minimum have to include a new concrete pad for their rural area. We were pleased to offer an alternative within their budget for a hard surface pump track. It was a great option for the Nation since our pump tracks can sit on any flat surface and be enjoyed by any wheeled action sports users. Now the youth can grab bikes and boards alike for the same facility and enjoy a park that is just for them.

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