Skate Surface

Sometimes existing skateparks are in need of replacement Ramp Armor or Skatelite surfacing. ARC is a distributor of both materials and would be glad to help you get your park back into shape. Also available is Max Grip roll-on that can be used to resurface steel ramps. Learn more about Skate Surface here.

Ramp Armor

Ramp Armor offers great riding surfaces for skaters and BMXers. This high-quality composite skate surface is ISO 9000 certified, great for indoor and outdoor use, and lasts a long time with high daily usage. Ramp Armor comes in three colors: tan, brown, and black. There are two sizes: 4’ x 8’ and 4’ x 10’. This skate surface is affordable and non-slick.


Skatelite is a super durable and versatile composite skate surface designed to stand up to the daily punishment inflicted by skaters and riders. Logos, which won’t wear off, can be printed directly on Skatelite material before it goes through the manufacturing process.

Weather resistance and nearly indestructible construction deliver a balance of speed and grip. Skatelite is smooth, fast, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Skatelite colors include natural (like a natural wood color), slate, and R50 and come in five available sizes:


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Our skate surfaces are designed to last for years under all kinds of wear, tear, and weather conditions. Talk to our team about high-quality skate surfaces for your above-ground skatepark design.