Above Ground Skateparks

Each and every community has their own unique set of opportunities and challenges when it comes to developing a good, solid skatepark. At American Ramp Company, we have found through experience that it is often best to construct above ground skateparks as they can sometimes be the best fit.  There are three primary build methods for constructing above grounds, we have the Pro Series with a MaxGrip Steel surface, the X-Series which has a phenolic surface like Skatelite or Ramp Armor, and we also offer a Stealth Classic build which is a custom onsite wood build with a Ramp Armor or Skatelite surface.


  • Pro Series- 20 Year Warranty, Fastener Free Riding Surface, Galvanized Steel Framework, Virtually Maintenance Free
  • X-Series- 15 Year Warranty, Skatelite or Ramp Armor Surface, Galvanized Steel Framework
  • Stealth Classic- 5 Year Warranty, Custom onsite build