In Ground Skateparks

Investing in a concrete, in-ground skatepark is a big decision with a lot of considerations. We believe partnering with the right firm from Day One is the key to success.

Built by skaters for skaters.

Over the past two-plus decades, American Ramp Company has built concrete in-ground skateparks in every imaginable climate and condition all around the world. As part of our company’s growth, we have assembled an All-Star Team to execute our concrete skatepark design and construction projects that operate under the Pivot Custom specialty brand.

Our Team Works With Yours

There are a lot of variables to manage when designing and building a concrete in-ground skatepark.

Our team is dedicated to working through all aspects of the project to ensure a quality park that represents the skaters and broader community. While our team is focused on the rideable landscape and maximizing user experience we also believe that a skatepark can become a gathering place for non-riders to enjoy. We believe that at the end of the day a successful project leads to a more vibrant, connected and active community.



Describing the details can be helpful, but seeing the in ground skateparks that we’ve already built can really show what’s possible. We encourage you to check out some of our past projects and stop by in person if one of our parks is nearby.


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The team at American Ramp Company takes pride in every project we complete. If you’re looking for a fantastic in-ground skatepark, contact our team today!