Highlands, NC

Project Details

Type: In Ground Skate Park

Series: Pour in Place

Location: Highlands, NC

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Highlands, NC

Highlands, NC

The skatepark in Highlands is a fun plaza-style skatepark with a great color pattern making it very visually appealing and a great place to skate and bike. We began the planning process with the community through our design services package. We lead a design workshop and community engagement meeting with the local skaters along with city staff. Our design manager worked with the skaters to identify a preferred theme and summarized the meeting findings with the group.After the design workshop we conducted a site review to identify any opportunities or constraints to the site. The site did have some constraints due to a nearby playground that needed a buffer area. We were able to take those finding and customize a design based on the feedback and verify the design was responsive to both the site and the budget goal. We provided the city with a cost estimate for construction so they knew they would stay on budget and were able to successfully build a great community skatepark on time and within budget. Overall the community was extremely satisfied with the entire project.

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