Holmes Beach- Anna Maria Island, FL

Project Details

Type: In Ground Skate Park

Series: Pour in Place

Year: 2020

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Holmes Beach, FL

Holmes Beach- Anna Maria Island, FL

The City of Holmes Beach in Anna Maria Island, Florida is a small tourist beach town located on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The city worked to replace and relocate their skatepark with a poured in place skate spot. At just under 5,000 sq. feet, they had a location right on the town’s main drive. The City asked our Pivot design team to take up the challenge to design a linear skate spot that serves the community and make it a destination for visiting tourists. The location was very tricky due to its engineering challenges and narrow strip of land that had many existing elements that we had to design around. Happy with our process, design, and community feedback, our client asked us to also include a small bowl structure to complement the skatepark. The bowl section was community driven and with our assistance helped provide the materials necessary so they could fund-raise for in-kind materials, funds, and services to make the bowl a reality. The city wanted us to work with the city engineer to integrate a custom drain with their multi-city water drainage/filtration system. The bowl was placed in an old obsolete retention pond and drains directly to its system. The result is an enclosed small bowl with full line of sight for safety and a street course that is designed to sheet flow directly into their city-wide drain system. Our team also utilized color and art to not only make this park a pride to the city, but also to raise the quality of life to the community and region.