Charleston, WV

Project Details

Type: Above Ground Skate Park

Series: Pro Series

Year: 2021

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Charleston, WV

Charleston, WV

For many years Charleston has had a strong skate community without a public skatepark.   City leaders stepped up, working directly with the user group to involve them in the development of a new skatepark.  The available site for the project was an old parking area under the Interstate 64 bridge in Downtown Charleston, a location with a unique set of opportunities and challenges.  On the plus side the site is adjacent to a park area called Magic Island which includes other recreation amenities, making the area a place for everyone in the family to enjoy.  The location is easily accessible to skaters and bikers coming from neighborhoods on all sides of Charleston.  The bridge being above the skatepark provides cover keeping the park shaded in the summer and protects portions of the park from rain. 

The project team had to work closely with the Department of Transportation to make sure that all construction under the bridge was within DOT rules and regulations.  The city chose American Ramp Company to design and construct the park.  ARC worked with input from local skaters and bikers to design a Pro Series above ground skatepark that offered something for every style and skill level of rider.  The Pro Series ramp option was ideal since it is virtually maintenance free, comes with a 20 year warranty and met the DOT requirement that it could be moved if they needed to work on the bridge.  A final touch to the project included an artist installing colorful pieces on the bridge pillars throughout the skatepark, giving a vibrant and welcoming feel to what was an underutilized space.