Bijou Bike Park – Lake Tahoe, CA

Project Details

Type: Bike Park

Series: PBR

Year: 2016

Size: na SqFt

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Lake Tahoe, CA

Bijou Bike Park – Lake Tahoe, CA

The Bijou Bike Park stands today as one of the most iconic bike parks in the Western U.S. “We want Bijou!” is a common refrain our team encounters as we assist other riding communities in their pursuit of local bike parks. While it stands today as a biking destination, Bijou began just like your project has, with a local group voicing their interests. This process began in 2011 and years of hard work led to the grand opening in September of 2015. Our team was blessed with the opportunity to provide the steel-framework, wood-surface features to provide a consistent and low-maintenance foundation that will keep riders enjoying Bijou for generations to come.

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