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Type: Bicycle Playground

Series: PBR

Year: 2021

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Bellefonte, PA

Bellefonte, PA

Casey originally reached out to our firm to discuss bike recreation options at his campground towards the end of 2020. After overviewing the project, we knew developing the Bellefonte KOA Bike Park was an awesome opportunity that we couldn’t pass up. Casey is always striving to provide the best experience for his patrons and a bike park at a KOA just made too much sense. Custom elements in a bike park are what builds character, and this one is certainly not lacking character. Featuring several custom aspects such as the “KOA wallride” that sits facing the highway as you approach the campground, or the custom KOA themed features in the kids bicycle playground area, this is one of the more unique builds that we have done to date. As you enter the bike park, you are greeted with a custom entrance sign overhead touting “Bellefonte KOA Bike Park” and to your right you’ll find a detailed trail map, containing rules and guidelines for the park. From that point the trail splits in 3 directions taking you to the different regions of the park. An asphalt pump track located near the entrance is the only paved portion of the bike park, the addition of a paved contouring track with undulating rollers and berms was an obvious inclusion and adds versatility to the park. Asphalt pump tracks are a favorite among skateboarders, scooter users, and rollerbladers in addition to bike riders. As you ride your bike throughout the conveniently connected soft surface trails, you will start to develop the skills needed to venture out on the more advanced mountain bike trails you can find in the region. This bike park offers a little something for everyone and is sure to be a spotlight project for years to come.