Bandera Skatepark – Bandera, TX

Project Details

Type: Above Ground Skate Park

Series: Pro Series

Year: 2017

Size: 4500 SqFt

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Bandera, TX

Bandera Skatepark – Bandera, TX

The city of Bandera, TX recognized the need to add a public skate park to their parks system. Through talks with ARC’s team about designing a space that would generate high use while ensuring a low maintenance burden and the best warranty options, the city of Bandera decided ARC’s Pro Series fastener-free, MaxGrip polyester powdercoat option was the best option to stand up to the abuse of continual public use. The city was able to make the process simple, and after initial conversations, we produced a guaranteed maximum price design-build contract for the park utilizing ARC’s awarded BuyBoard cooporative purchasing contract. Once the contract was in place, we began the work of design and carried the project through to implementation.