Welcome to Your Community Input Page for the Kennedy Skate Park Improvements

Project Description

Welcome to your skate park assessment page! ARC is working alongside the City of Yuma to design and develop a new skate park for our community. The goal of this page is for you to help us determine what styles of obstacles/features you are interested in incorporating into the new skate park.

Project Goals

We are so excited to see so many riders taking an interest in this community, and we want to reward your engagement with a new & improved skate destination. Our intention is to bring you a fresh design. This new and exciting experience will be enjoyed for generations to come.


We have created a detailed survey below. Some of the information is pretty general, and some of it is very technical. Please fill it all questions to the best of your ability to help give us a clear picture of the park you’re excited to bring to your community! 

What’s Next

As soon as all the survey results are in, we’ll get right to work designing your park.

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