Welcome to your community page for the Round Lake Area Park District Skate Park

Round Lake Area Park District

We value our community’s opinions and can’t wait to build an awesome skatepark.

American Ramp Company

At ARC, we believe that communities need challenging and safe places to gather and recreate. Our passion is focused on action sports as designers, builders and participants. We’ve been working for over 20 years to build over 3500 parks in more than 45 countries.

Project Description

Welcome to your community skatepark assessment page! The Round Lake Area Park District is working with ARC to renovate the aging skatepark located on Orchard Road. This well-loved community amenity is over-reaching its serviceable lifespan and is no longer suitable for use in a public park. It’s important to the Park District to create a community space for skateboarding that’s accessible for families and provides a pathway for user progression, and it’s also important to hear from you, the user, about the kind of terrain you want to see in the community’s skatepark!

The goal of this page is for you to help us determine what styles of terrain the community wants to ride at the Round Lake Beach Skatepark. The skatepark will remain at the same location and will occupy the same footprint as the existing park. Once we receive your insights, we’ll create a user and terrain profile to present to the Park District and a design that reflects the project goals and community insights. Once that design is generated, it will then be uploaded to this web address for viewing and comments! Easy, right?

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What’s Next

As soon as all the survey results are in, we’ll get right to work designing your skatepark. Check back in a couple weeks to see a concept design and contribute your voice to a second round of feedback. After that, we’ll finalize the design!