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Type: Pre-Cast Concrete Pump Track

Series: Mason Series

Year: 2016

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Fargo, ND

Fargo, ND

When a city is engineering its cycling ecosystem from the ground up, often one of the first developments is integrating a PBR Bicycle Playground into its park system. Bicycle playgrounds are purpose-built to be low risk and teach the foundational cycling skills like rider balance, strength and confidence. In 2017, When the city of Fargo, North Dakota was researching what options could make the most impact in optimizing cycling opportunities in their parks, they partnered with ARC’s bike focused brand Progressive Bike Ramps to design and implement a PBR Bicycle Playground. The finished park includes low-to-ground skills features functional for young and new riders (and the little ones on push bikes), tunnels, and a central pumptrack feature for instilling the basics of mountain biking balance and movement.

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