East Orange Memorial Skatepark – East Orange, NJ

Project Details

Type: Above Ground Skate Park

Series: Pro Series

Year: 2019

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East Orange, NJ

East Orange Memorial Skatepark – East Orange, NJ

This was a great project that we worked with the community and city staff on for over 4 years. The result of the community’s dedication to this skatepark is an amazing facility that is frequented by the local riders as well as the surrounding region and visits from professional BMX’ers and skaters. This park caters to all skill levels, allows for skill progression, and has multiple options for advanced riders such as an 8ft tall quarterpipe and a bowl section with a spine. Mayor Lester E. Taylor III said, “This is an exciting opportunity to provide another recreational activity to keep our youth active, engaged and safe at home”. East Orange has seen a steady rise in skateboarding and biking over the past several years and the new skatepark has been a great place to hone their skills. We know this will be a great amenity for years to come and hope one of the next great riders will come from this park.