Eagle Skate Park – Cape Coral, Florida

Project Details

Type: Above Ground Skate Park

Series: Pro Series

Year: 2017

Size: 27,000 SqFt

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Cape Coral, FL

Eagle Skate Park – Cape Coral, Florida

The Eagle Skatepark in Cape Coral, FL, has continued to be a popular community amenity since its Grand Opening in 2018. The original skatepark was in major need of a revamp, and it was creating both maintenance and potential safety issues.

After working with the Cape Coral staff and local stakeholders, we created a custom, 27,000-square-foot design and build of the newly revamped skatepark that has better flow, durability, and safety for all skill levels and age ranges.

Youth Center Supervisor Mark Cagle said, “ARC provided the perfect product and did a great job, they even came to meet with the community, including the kids, to get their input.”

Eagle Skatepark continues to be one of our favorite skateparks in the region and is a great place for both youth and adults to gather to utilize this fun all-wheel facility.