Bentonville Bicycle Playground – Bentonville, AR

Project Details

Type: Bicycle Playground

Series: PBR

Year: 2016

Size: 14,944 SqFt

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Bentonville, AR

Bentonville Bicycle Playground – Bentonville, AR

When we invented the Bicycle Playground concept, it only makes sense that Bentonville, Arkansas (the hub of the Northwest Arkansas mountain biking mecca) should have the first one. In 2016, we worked with Bentonville Park and Recreation Director, David Wright to bring the nation’s first Bicycle Playground to the city. The park, right off the North Bentonville Trail, features purpose-built, low-to-ground skills features functional for young and new riders (and the little ones on push bikes), tunnels, and a central pumptrack feature for instilling the basics of mountain biking balance and movement.