City of Las Cruces Skatepark Assessment and Public Input Survey


Welcome to your skatepark assessment page! The goal of this page is for you to help us determine specific areas in need of improvement and possible solutions for renovation and/or replacement at your skatepark. After that ARC will provide the City of Las Cruces with a menu of recommendations and associated costs, so that a plan for a systematic renovation can be developed.


First step is for you to take the brief survey below and hit submit. Please only do this once per person. Following that you will find an aerial of your skatepark with highlighted areas throughout the park that go over each obstacle/feature. Click on each one to open-up the name and picture of the feature/obstacle then click on the Comment button to open the questionnaire. Please vote on each feature/obstacle that are highlighted throughout the skatepark to provide us with your feedback.

Please make sure that you fill out both the survey and feature/obstacles questions that are highlighted in the aerial image below.

(Click a Red Circle)


Have additional input?