Custom Skatepark
Design Services









We then provide you high quality renderings of your design along with a fly-through video and a breakdown listing the quantities of different materials needed to build your park. This package gives you everything you need to obtain community support, solicit donations, and apply for grant funding.

Project Vision

Portray a clear vision of your skatepark to potential donors and community members.

Realistic Budgets

Plan funding for a target budget based on your concept design.


Use your design and cost estimate to apply for grant funding.

Private Donations

Have a clear understanding of materials and quantities required to approach donors.


Use designs to gain support and generate momentum for the project.


Involving community throughout the design and fundraising process creates a sense of ownership in the project.

Custom Design Service Includes:

1. Community Engagement

American Ramp Company will host a live meeting with your local riders to shape a design that is unique to your community. Our team specializes in translating community ideas into a workable plan that meets your budget.

2. Site Review

We will review your project site to determine opportunities and constraints and discuss the best placement for the skatepark features. Additionally, our team will consider items such as adjacent land use, drainage flow, and the best locations for spectators to view the skatepark activity.

3. 3D Illustrations

Our team of professional Skateboarders and BMX Riders will create a 3D design based on the feedback from the community meeting. We will provide hard-copy prints, posters, digital files of your 3-D design including multiple perspective and top views, zoom-ins of specific features, and superimposed site views.

4. Video Fly-Through

We also will create a video fly through of your final design concept provided to you on a DVD. This video can be easily uploaded to your Facebook or YouTube page to share the progress and build excitement for your project.

5. Cost Estimate

Your concept design package also includes a cost estimate based on recent construction costs of similar sized skateparks. Our estimates account for State prevailing wage requirements and regional material availability while providing a clear goal for fundraising and grant applications.

6. Material Quantities

In order to approach local donors, you need to be prepared with a clear description of the materials and quantities needed to build the skatepark. With your concept package we provide you an itemized list to use for soliciting in-kind donations for your project.

7. Landscape Architecture

Our Landscape Architect will review the designs aesthetic appeal and incorporate integral color, stamped concrete textures, landforms, and solar lighting to the skatepark. Our goal is that your skatepark not only be highly functional but also visually spectacular.

8. Sustainable Approach

American Ramp Company supports an integrated team approach to skatepark design. Potential environmental impacts are analysed throughout the process in an effort to conserve habitats, control stormwater, and create a long lasting and sustainable skatepark. Our team includes LEED Green Associates to assist in environmental stewardship from design through construction.