Replica Series

The Replica Series takes the most famous skate spots in the world and brings them to your city.
There are a handful of famous skate spots located around the globe that are regularly featured in skate magazines and videos. From the Sants Bench in Barcelona Spain to the China Banks in San Francisco, California; most skaters will never have the opportunity to travel to a faraway destination to skate any of these legendary spots. So we have developed our Replica Series equipment which duplicates these sites exactly down to the precise angles and dimensions. It is now possible to bring these coveted skate spots to your local skatepark. Though we have not changed the dimensions of the original spots, our engineers have improved the durability. Our Replica Series equipment can be incorporated into master plan designs for all types of ARC parks or can easily be added to existing skatepark facilities to expand the skating experience.

Jersey Barrier – Roadway Construction

Granite Bench – Barcelona, Spain

Hubba Hideout – San Francisco, CA

Cruz Slant Pad – Los Angeles, CA

LA High Bank – Los Angeles, CA

China Banks – San Francisco, CA

Dragon Back – China

Marble Bench – Las Vegas, NV

Pier 7 – San Francisco, CA

Triangle Ledge – Barcelona, Spain


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